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Campervan Electrical Kits

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Elevate your campervan experience with Nomadic Leisure's all-inclusive Campervan Electrical Kits. Now offering a hassle-free solution for your off-grid adventures, our kits feature top-of-the-line components from renowned brands such as Victron Energy and Bluesea. As part of our commitment to your success, each kit comes with complimentary wiring diagrams from Tiny Build Electrics, ensuring a smooth installation process. Additionally, we invite you to a free 30-minute consultation with Tom at Tiny Build Electrics who will guide you through the Electrical Kit of your choice and any questions you may have on your electrical setup. Nomadic Leisure's Campervan Electrical Kits provide everything you need to power your journey and embrace the freedom of the road. Charge up and hit the road with confidence!

Nomadic Leisure Electrical Kits

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Why Choose a Nomadic Leisure Campervan Electrical Kit?

Are you immersed in a campervan conversion or gearing up for the nomadic lifestyle in your van build?

Whether you're tackling a comprehensive van conversion, enhancing your motorhome, or configuring a leisure battery setup for your day van, our electrical campervan kits at Nomadic Leisure are the ideal solution.

Our meticulously curated kits feature top-tier components from industry leaders such as Victron Energy and Bluesea, ensuring optimal performance.

What sets us apart is our all-inclusive package – our kits not only include comprehensive wiring diagrams from Tiny Build Electrics but also come with all the necessary wires, fuses, fuse holders, and busbars.

With Nomadic Leisure, rest assured that everything you need for a superior campervan electrical setup is conveniently provided. Transform your journey with reliability and ease – choose Nomadic Leisure for a hassle-free campervan electrical experience.

Campervan Electrical Wiring diagrams

With every electrical campervan kit provided by Nomadic Leisure, we go the extra mile to enhance your experience by including a complimentary electrical wiring diagram crafted by Tom at Tiny Build Electrics.

This invaluable addition ensures that your campervan conversion project is not only equipped with top-notch components but is also supported by a detailed and customised wiring guide.

The Tiny Build Electrics wiring diagrams are designed to streamline the installation process, making it more accessible for both seasoned enthusiasts and those new to campervan conversions. Trust in Nomadic Leisure to not only deliver quality Campervan electrical kits but to also empower you with the guidance needed to seamlessly integrate and optimise your campervan's electrical system.

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