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Roof Tents

TentBox - Instant Adventure Awaits

Welcome to Nomadic Leisure – your exclusive destination for premium outdoor gear. We're thrilled to announce that we've added TentBox to our curated collection, proudly stocking only the best brands. TentBox tents redefine the camping experience with their ingenious design, allowing you to set up camp in minutes. Crafted with excellence, these tents promise durability and comfort for your outdoor adventures. Explore the unparalleled convenience and quality of TentBox – where Nomadic Leisure meets the best in outdoor innovation.

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TentBox Feature Products

TentBox Cargo

£2,750.00 Inc VAT.

TentBox Classic

£2,250.00 Inc VAT.

TentBox Lite 2.0

£1,289.00 Inc VAT.

TentBox Lite XL

£1,895.00 Inc VAT.

Why Is TentBox the leading Roof Box Brand

TentBox stands out as the leading brand for roof tents in the UK due to its innovative design, exceptional quality, and unparalleled convenience. Known for crafting roof tents that can be effortlessly set up in minutes, TentBox prioritizes user-friendly experiences without compromising on durability. The brand has earned its reputation for providing top-notch camping solutions that cater to the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts. With a keen focus on customer satisfaction, TentBox consistently delivers on the promise of transforming camping experiences into seamless, comfortable, and memorable adventures, making it the preferred choice for roof tents in the UK.

Popular TentBox Accessories

TentBox KitchenBox

£495.00 Inc VAT.

TentBox Lite 1.0 Annexe

£245.00 Inc VAT.

TentBox Lite 2.0 Thermal Kit

£195.00 Inc VAT.

TentBox Lite Windbreak

£50.00 Inc VAT.

There is a TentBox to Suit Everyone

TentBox tents offer a myriad of benefits that redefine the outdoor experience. Renowned for their quick and hassle-free setup, these tents can be inflated within minutes, eliminating the stress associated with traditional tent pitching. Crafted with durability and comfort in mind, TentBox models cater to various preferences and adventures. Whether you're a solo traveler, a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or a family embarking on an adventure, TentBox provides different models to suit every need. From the compact simplicity of the Lite version to the spacious and feature-rich models like the Classic and Cargo, TentBox ensures a comfortable and secure shelter for every outdoor enthusiast. Embrace the freedom to choose the perfect tent that aligns with your style and embark on unforgettable adventures with TentBox

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