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When you take on the challenge of converting your very own campervan, a common feature people commonly pay someone to install is the rooflights. If you are trying to reduce costs as much as possible it could be worth taking the plunge and fitting these yourself, (as long as you are prepared to cut a hole in your van)


Campervan rooflights offer many benefits, this includes making the inside as light as possible in the day, and extra ventilation in the warmer months or when cooking. 


There are many different types of rooflights available to buy, all offering different features, we would recommend the MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent which is also available with the MaxxShade offering both black blind or flynet cover to suit your every day and night needs.

Here is our step-by-step guide on how to install a campervan rooflight.



Step 1 – Cutting and painting the hole

The first thing we recommend to do is to lay everything out on your campers roof, this will help you determine where everything will go, this can also include solar panels if you are also fitting these at the same time, read our how to fit solar panels blog for help on this. It is always handy to trace the outline of the rooflight so you can use this as an outline.


Once you have settled on a layout that will work best it is time to work on cutting the hole for the rooflight. To do this we recommend using a drill in each of the corners and then a nibbler to cut the edges. If you don’t have a nibbler you can also use a jigsaw.


Once you have cut into your van, paint the new edges with metal primer to prevent rust. If you have opted to use a jigsaw instead of a nibbler you may also need to file the edges down to give a smooth finish. This also creates a level surface, which will help create a reliable seal.


Step 2 – level the roof

By now you should have noticed that van roofs aren’t very flat, this part is vital as an unlevel surface will lead to water ingress, and make it extremely difficult to adhere in the first place.


There are two ways you can level your campervan roof, the first is masking tape, which is great for moulding into whatever shape you need. Alternatively, you can use a waterproof sealant, and layer this on the lower ribs of the van roof to get an even level.



Step 3 – Attaching the skylight

If you have used sealant to level the roof then you can stick your rooflight straight onto this. If you opted for the masking tape method then you will need to use a sealant on top to stick the rooflight to the mastic. Make sure your sealant is an all-weather one to ensure it will prevent leaks.


Once you have installed the exterior part of the rooflight, the frame in which the fly net and blind can now be attached to the inside of the van, this can be done using some metal clips.


Whilst the initial process of installing your own rooflight sounds stressful, it really is a simple and easy process. At Nomadic Leisure we stock a comprehensive range of campervan rooflights from trusted brands including MaxxFan and Dometic. View our range today!


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